Water Decanter 2019

“The water decanter ​​has taught me more than I can contribute to it. Today, more than ever, it is necessary for objects to be sustainable. It is better to see a broken decanter ​​than an abandoned plastic bottle. therefore, my task as a designer has been reduced to ensure that it’s use is comfortable in today’s life. ” Miguel Mila

For three years, the Museo del Cántir and the Friends of the Museum, editors of the decanters, have commissioned a prestigious designer to create a new piece with the aim of renewing the formal universe existing in the Museum.

For the production of the piece, a handful of artisans were contacted, without whom it wouldn’t have been possible. Handmade ceramic enamelled pisa. The decanter ​​is limited edition.

  • Year | Año 2019
  • Manufacturer | Fabricantes Museu Càntir