In the documentary about his career made by Poldo Pomés, Miguel Milá said that his wife would scold him when he took out the ‘espantamoscas’, so he told him: “I will make an elegant ‘espantamoscas’ so that you cannot criticise me”, and he did so by joining a reed made of bamboo and a piece of leather.

This is how this piece emerged, one that Milá manufactured directly in his workshop and one which he gave to some of his friends. “Every time they invite me to a house, I bring them one.” Only a few currently own one of these hand-made ‘espantamoscas’ by the author, who proudly boasts his title of Master Craftsman. Isist Atelier now produces this everyday Mediterranean piece in the original leather finish. Milá believes that the mere presence of the reed has a deterrent effect on flies, so most of the time he only uses it to scare them away.