Parking Pizza

The 56 of the Barcelona Passeig de Sant Joan locates the second location of Parking Pizza. Berta Bernat and Marcos Armenteras, its owners, refer to it as a pizza bar. A place without artifice, human, where you can enjoy good Italian food.

Designed by Lekuona Studio and Antonio Spalletta, the old 500m2 car park has been converted into an industrial-style restaurant. Bare walls and ceilings create a spontaneous relationship with the structure of the premises. Skylights connect the interior with sunlight. The simple and open layout of the place reveals everything that happens inside. In the centre, the dining room, cardboard stools and wooden tables to share. Around, service areas, storage, and the open kitchen, whose core is an imposing wood oven.

The careful lighting softens the industrial character of the project. Two Cestas, among elements of distinguished informality, wooden logs and stacked boxes. In suspension, a classic and timeless design from 1964, the M64 with a black aluminum screen. A perfect repetition of concentrated light, which draws a warm tone and gently envelops. Friendly light from the pieces of Miguel Milá. A contribution of seclusion in the bustle of the premises.