Harvest Restaurant

Dmitry Blinov and Renat Malikov are the creators of Harvest, a restaurant located in Saint Petersburg, whose foundations are based on responsible consumption and environmental sustainability. With sincere respect for the products, vegetables are given unusual dedication.

Designed by interior designer Alexey Penyuk as a faithful representation of the restaurant’s philosophy, Harvest is visual simplicity. A combination of sobriety and warmth, whose protagonists are noble materials such as wood and travertine.

The inherent aesthetic criterion of Miguel Milá stands out since the designer signs several of the project’s lamps. Beautiful objects that arise from a cultivated intuition in the search for the essential.

The TMM suggests privacy in the most sheltered tables of the space. Functional simplicity that allows it to be located also on the summer terrace. The Metallic Basket remains immobile in certain corners of the restaurant, as a contribution of expressiveness. From this same family, the Globo Cesta, whose fragile elegance adds warmth to the environment. Aesthetic emotion from the hand of Milá.