The personality and work of Miguel Milà i Sagnier has been the subject of various essays, such as the one dedicated by José Corredor-Matheos in 2001, and more recently of a stimulating documentary signed by Poldo Pomés, written by Marta Feduchi: Miguel Milá. Industrial designer and interior designer. Inventor and bricoleur. But it is now when encouraged by Lumen’s literary director, Maria Fasce, the pioneer of Spanish design has decided to explain himself. A “Milá for Milá” written from long hours of conversation with the journalist Anatxu Zabalbeascoa. A spoken book in which he offers his vision of life and design, and around the one and the other he shows himself: “The best design accompanies and does not disturb. not disturbing is easier than accompanying. The accompanying risks. And he risks disturbing. So accompanying without disturbing, or accompanying you without disturbing, is an achievement. ”